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20. August 2017, 9h30 - 12h30 / 14h00 - 17h00

Yoga Workshop with Swami Bodhichitananda (Rishikesh/Indien)

"Prana Yoga and Psychic Healing"

Prana, often referred to as life energy or vital force, is the key to gaining control of the mind, and bringing health and vitality to the body. Pranayama is the practice of life force control, Prana, in the Yoga System. There are two types of Pranayama, Hatha Yoga Pranayama and Raja Yoga Pranayama; Hatha Yoga being the physical manipulation of breath to bring the Prana into the central channel of the spine, while Raja Yoga uses our own awareness, directing our Consciousness along the Psychic channels in the body. In other words, we use awareness to direct our Prana at will. This brings greater Prana into the system, energizing us with greater Life-force, greatly calms the mind for concentration and meditation, and can also be used for directing self-healing to various parts of the body. By energizing our Pranic body with greater amounts of Life Energy, we can also direct it to others for their healing of body and mind. This is the key to Psychic Healing of self and others. Swamiji will guide participants in both theory and practice of the most subtle and direct forms of Raja Yoga pranayama, as well as the basics of Hatha Yoga pranayama.


"By control of Prana, the mind can be easily controlled, because the mind is fastened to the Prana, like the bird to the string. Just as the bird that is tied to a post by a string, after flying here and there, finds its resting place in the post, so also this mind-bird after running hither and thither, in various sensual objects, finds its resting place during deep sleep in the Prana."

 -Swami Sivananda-


Preis: 120,- € 

10. / 11. November 2017

Yoga Workshop with Dr Costanza Ceccarelli (Italy)

Into the symbolism of late haTha yoga:” the spine”, axis of the world

Haṭhayoga tradition is well and alive in India today, and it’s represented by lineages (sampradaya) within the largest ascetic orders. The word haṭha, which literary means “force”, denotes a system of physical techniques supplementary to yoga more broadly conceived. Haṭhayoga is first refered by name in Sanskrit texts dating around the 11th century CE, but in later formulations this tradition showed a further permutation, when the Tantra or kaula systems of the visualization of the serpent goddess Kuṇḍalinī rising as kuṇḍalinī energy through a system of cakra is overlaid onto the original frame. In this late tradition (ca. 14th century) yoga practice included a new prominence to the role of the body, not only through greatly expanded interest in the physical postures (āsana) but also by the of symbolism, which had to play a strategic role in the techniques of visualization. 


In this talk we aim to have a look into this vision, which considers the human body as “the symbol” par excellence, summarizing in itself the whole process of emanation-dissolution of the entire universe from One matrix. We are going to discover a very rich symbolism of the body, which takes a lot from the Indo-vedic cosmogonic mythology, and which puts at the center the symbol of the spine as the axis of the world (meru), and which visualize in the form of the vajra, Indra’s sword, with its point grounded into the earth and its hilt up in the sky: the powerful symbol of the process by which our energy rises in the central canal as a sword enters the sheath.




19h00 - 20h00

Opening talk by Costanza Ceccarelli



10h00 - 12h30

Haṭhayoga practice workshop


The Spine: āsanas of balance between Earth and Sky


Body positions and their effects on the vestibular system (body scheme modifications):

- the spine in: lying positions; sitting positions, standing positions;

- the ‘yogic’ balance


14h30 - 17h00

Discussion around the practical experience and laboratory:

“the harmony of a yogic progression of āsana”(know-how)



Preis: 140,- €