Yoga Workshops

Workshop with Swami Bodhichitananda

Samstag, 15. Juni 2019, 9h30 - 17h00

'Nature Yoga for Inner Peace'

Swami Bodhichitananda Saraswati is a Kriya Yogi who has lived in the Indian Himalayas since 1991. He was a monk in Self-Realization Fellowship, founded by Paramahansa Yogananda in California, from 1987 to 1991, then joined Sivananda Ashram (The Divine Life Society), Rishikesh and took final vows in 1999 as a Swami from H.H. Swami Chidananda Saraswati, successor of Swami Sivananda. He was a personal assistant to Swami Chidananda, and Yogacharya at the Divine Life Society from 1991 to 2003. His Kriya Yoga Guru, who authorized him to give Kriya Yoga Initiation, is a Himalayan Kriya Yogi, Swami Jnanananda Giri, who walked to India in 1952 after reading Autobiography of a Yogi, was a Swami in Yogananda’s India organization (Yogoda Satsang Society), but finally retired to seclusion in the Himalayas. Swami Bodhichitananda primarily teaches Kriya Yoga of Babaji, Sivananda’s Integral Yoga and Evolutionary Spirituality. He is founder of the Himalayan Hermitage, an eco-friendly spiritual retreat, 25 km from  Rishikesh in India. His 35 years of yoga experience gives him much inner knowledge that he shares in a simple and joyful way with all students.

How can we bring ourselves, our lives back into harmony with nature and our own true Self. Many of the greatest Yogis lived and practiced Yoga and Meditation in Nature, the most ideal environment for finding peace, Self-Reflection and Communion with the Divine as manifest in Nature. Together we will explore our relationship with outer nature and our own inner nature. We will spend as much time outdoors in nature as possible, practicing Yoga and Meditation, various meditations especially on nature as discovered by forest Yogis. Some of the meditations are Tree Meditation, Walking Mediation, Grounding Meditation, the basics and Animal Telepathic Communication. We will also explore the newly emerging field of religious and spiritual naturalism and evolutionary cosmology of such modern spiritual pioneers as Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Thomas Berry, Michael Dowd and the Integral Movement. Only by updating our own worldview to fit within a new comprehensive worldview of Reality, as it unfolds naturally through evolution’s cosmic trajectory and a greater understanding of our place within the Universe, can we truly find Peace, not only our own peace, but for humanity, the Earth and all Earth’s inhabitants.


Language: english


9h30 - 17h00 (1 hour lunchbreak)


Price: 140,-€